What is puppyplay?

What is puppy play?

Puppyplay is a form of roleplaying where the participant(s) take the role of a puppy(s)
This can be done in various different ways.

Some pups play socially such chase balls, play with plushies and squeaky toys.

While others prefer more sexual activities!

You can freely mix puppyplay with other fetishes and kinks and the result is usally very exiting!

The human counterpart to a pup is generally referred to as a handler, or any other term you might prefer.

Who´s part in this usually is to train the puppy, pat and praise them.

Who can be a pup?

Puppyplay is for everyone, regardless of gender or sexuality.

We here at puppyplay Skåne strive for an inclusive community where the participants feel safe and comfortable.

Do I need gear?

Gear isn´t mandatory, although it can sometimes be helpful to achieve certain headspace.

But lets not forget, the most important part of puppyplay, it´s all about having fun!

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