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This time we interviewed: Pup Kastor.


1: First and foremost, Who might you be for those of us that do not know?

For you who don’t know, I am Kastor! A social blue pup living in Stockholm with my lovely Casper (our names are similar, we surprisingly chose them BEFORE we met).

I love to be taken on long walks at the beach, meet new people and convert them to our holy ways of life, puppy play!

2: For how long have you been involved within the puppyplay community?

I have known about puppy play for some time, but I didn’t actively take part in the community until about a year ago, when my now bf Casper pulled me in to a world of social pups. First I was invited to a telegram group created by Laser, and later on after a meet between Arrow, Feng, me and Casper during Malmö-festivalen a discord group created by Feng.

3: What drew you in? and what made you stay?

What pulled me into puppy play was the puppy masks in neoprene, that look so cute and feel so good when you put them on and get that “puppy headspace feeling”. That’s the best reason to stay in the community I think. As well as being supportive to all friends and new people or anyone who has questions about puppy play really. I often get messages on social media about how to get started, where to get gear from, or if I got any tips in general, which makes me happy that I can be of help to others.

4: What aspect of our community do you find most appealing?

The most appealing thing about our community is the window to our soul, the eyes. When the puppy hood is on, that’s the only thing you can see of the individual, and thus you express much more through them. They can be wide open to show you’re attentive, or more narrow with high cheeks to “smile” with your eyes. Emotions are beautiful! Make sure to show them!

I also find kinky gear very attractive, it makes it possible for you to define your individuality furthermore as a pup, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t have everything in your shopping list yet! Two years ago I practically only had a wrist band, but I was patient and it payed off!

So that’s a message I want to give on to you, no matter how big gap you think there is between you now and your dream goal, fear not, thee time shall come!

5: Do you have any role models within the Puppyplay community?

I am just like any other individual flawed, and occasionally look to others for inspiration, style-wise pupSpido being one of them as I started out looking for gear and so. I like his idea of combining the puppy kink with a spider-man suit, it’s hot! Arranging-wise my bf Casper who’s put a lot of effort into the community has also served as a very good inspiration by creating puppy walks, meets and so on.

And I have to mention the good genuine pups around me, you’re super supporting and I love you!

6: Where do you see yourself within our community in a years time?

And in a year I will still be here with you wonderful pups, I have no plans on leaving you behind, I will always be thankful for the joy you’ve given me, and do my best to return it thrice-fold!

Yours sincerely, Kastor

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