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This time we interviewed: Pup Zacharias.


1: First and foremost, Who might you be for those of us that do not know?

I’m a happy social pup from Stockholm, I love to hang out and just eat a lot of Scooby snacks 🐾😂 But from the beginning I’m form Helsingborg ;) I’m the current title holder of Puppy Sweden and are now as we speak actually in Antwerpen to compete in the Mr Puppy Europe competition and it’s a little bit scary but in the same time so fun and I’m really looking forward to learn a lot of new things that we can use in our own national competitions in the future. I really love to travel and meet new pups all across Europe and I think it’s such a amazing community and al pups were ever you come to are always so friendly and curious!

2: For how long have you been involved within the puppyplay community?

I have been a pup for almost 4 years now and I have been seriously involved in the community since last summer when I realized that there were other pups in Stockholm and that there was a lot of pup adventures going on al across Europe. My first really big pup adventure was when I visited London fetish week and al the pup parties, after that I was totally hocked ;)

3: What drew you in? and what made you stay?

The friendliness and fact that you actually can do a little as will, if you a tired it’s okey just to lay down and just take a little nap! And I looooooove naps ;) the friendliness and that you actually can be any kind of pup that you want, fetich ore and social is one of the best things and also one of the reasons I really love the community and are staying ;)

4: What aspect of our community do you find most appealing?

I really love the diversity in our community and that it’s such wide acceptance between the social and the fetish part of our community and I love that I don’t have to choose whit side, I can be the social pup one day and the fetich side the other day ;)


5: Where do you see yourself within our community in a years time?

I see my self as an active member that works for our community and I want to keep traveling and meet new pups from other countries to get new ideas how we can make our community grow and become an big community for al pups ;)

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