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This time we interviewed: Pup Feng.


1: First and foremost, Who might you be for those of us that do not know?

I'm a lil busy Skåne based puppy, I dedicate much of my time within our community to to build it up, interract with pups within our community and give them a safe platform where they can interract freely.

Both through our Discord chat but also through monthly munches. one of my current aims is to win the next Swedish puppy title and use that platform to draw in even more pups into our community :)

2: For how long have you been involved within the puppyplay community?

I believe I have been involved for about 3 years, But I got fully dedicated about a year ago when I started meeting other pups within our community which inspired me to found our official Swedish discord chat and one thing led to another and here we are :3

3: What drew you in? and what made you stay?

One thing that really drew me in was when I saw other pups, the way they interracted with eachother and their handlers.. It looked incredibly cozy and the gear looked very cool,

I figured I could build a pupsona with a look that reflected myself. and the more of this I saw, before I knew it.. I was hooked! or should I say.. leashed ;)

What made me stay? its pretty simple, the incredibly welcoming and warm community, it have strenthen me as a person and I have worked my way further and further away from

My old introvert self. I have made so many fun and amazing friends within the community with all sorts of sexualities and backgrounds.

4: What aspect of our community do you find most appealing?

Well its the community itself by far.. but also how terapeuting puppyplay can actually be... its such an amazing way to just forget about all the worldly problems

and just exist in the moment, enjoy myself and be an absolute mischivious and playful being.

I have become a much more secure person overall since I started to pup out :)


5: Where do you see yourself within our community in a years time?

I see myself working on increasing my cooperation with copenhagen and other parts of scandinavia,

I have increased my pressence within the national and international scene and perhaps.. be the future Titleholder in sweden :D


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